Andrew Tate’s filthy chauvinist world as he’s arrested for sex trafficking

Andrew Tate's chauvinist world after sex trafficking arrest (6)

He has millions of devoted followers, billions of views on TikTok, and is the third most Googled person of 2022, trailing only the Queen and Donald Trump in that regard.

You would not have heard of Andrew Tate before this week, when he was taken into custody in Romania on suspicion of being involved in the trade of sexual services.

After Tate got into a weird Twitter argument with environmental activist Greta Thunberg, the police decided to investigate.

The British influencer and former contestant on Big Brother who is known as the King of Toxic Masculinity was taken into custody following a raid on his mansion in the Bucharest suburb of Pipera, along with his brother Tristan, who is 34 years old.

Andrew Tate's filthy chauvinist world as he's arrested for sex trafficking

Tate has gained millions by promoting vile misogynistic beliefs on social media after he was expelled off Big Brother in 2016 due to a clip that showed him assaulting a woman with a belt. The clip showed him hitting the woman with a belt.

Because of his diatribes filled with hatred, he has been banned from many social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. One of his frequently expressed opinions is that women “have some culpability” for being raped.

Now, authorities believe that Tate and his brother are suspects in an alleged organised criminal ring that sexually exploited at least six women by housing them and forcing them to act in online porn videos. The ring is said to have been run out of Tate’s brother’s home.

The two individuals are accused of enslaving women in Romania and Moldova for the purpose of making sex films and of trafficking women to rich clientele in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Greta’s snarky tweet got 237million likes

Andrew Tate's filthy chauvinist world as he's arrested for sex trafficking
According to the statement made by the police, two British suspects duped their victims by employing the “loverboy technique,” which entails making false declarations of love and the intention to marry the victims.

After that, the ladies were taken to premises on the outskirts of Bucharest, where they were subjected to “physical abuse and mental coercion,” which included “intimidation, control, and continual surveillance,” in order to coerce them into engaging in sexual acts on camera.

According to the warrant, “With regard to the crime of rape, it was recorded that, in March 2022, an injured person was compelled, on two different occasions, by a suspect to have sexual intercourse by the suspect’s use of physical violence and psychological coercion.”

During the operation that was carried out by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), two women who allegedly worked for the Tate brothers were also seized. One of these ladies was a former police officer.

In the aftermath of the raids, the police went to the brothers’ home in Pipera and took possession of 11 luxury cars, two gas pistols, and several machetes.

Tate, who was born in the United States but reared in Luton, has been a resident of Romania since 2017. He once boasted that “40%” of the reason he chose to live there was that authorities were less inclined to pursue sexual assault in that nation. Tate was raised in Luton.

However, according to sources who spoke with The Sun, prosecutors were waiting for the two men to return to the country after spending their Christmas breaks in London.

Andrew Tate's filthy chauvinist world as he's arrested for sex trafficking

On December 22, Tristan arrived back in the country via private aircraft, and Andrew followed him back five days later.

Ironically, it looked that Tate’s attempt to trick activist Greta Thunberg into revealing his location was what initially tipped off the authorities to his presence.

The disagreement was sparked after he posted a picture of himself on Twitter posing next to a Bugatti and claiming to own 33 vehicles.

He tweeted to Thunberg, “Please provide your email address so I can submit a list of my automobile collection and their tremendous emissions,” asking her to respond with her email address.

The Swedish activist gave a response that read, “Yes, please do shed some light on the matter.” email me at”

Her caustic message received 237 million likes, propelling it into the top 10 of all time for the most likes ever received on a tweet.

It’s possible that Tate signed his own warrant when he responded to the accusation with a video in which he ordered someone offscreen to bring him pizza “and make sure the boxes aren’t recycled.”

The delivery box had the name of the company Jerry’s Pizza on it, which localised his location in Bucharest and added fuel to the fire of the rumour that it was the cause of the raid.

Andrew Tate's filthy chauvinist world as he's arrested for sex trafficking

Thunberg then followed up with the tweet, “This is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes,” however the police have since denied that this was helpful in locating the men in question.

Since April, when authorities stormed Tate’s mansion in response to a tip that a 21-year-old American woman was being detained against her will, the investigation into Tate’s activities has been ongoing.

At the video studio, which was located a half mile away from the villa, several ladies, including the American citizen, were discovered.

The woman from the United States informed the Romanian authorities that she had met Tristan Tate through a social networking network, and that he had persuaded her to travel to Romania.

After being coerced into working on a video live broadcast, she was eventually able to get in touch with her ex-boyfriend, who then reported the incident to the American embassy.

The brothers were questioned for a number of hours, but ultimately DIICOT decided to release them while they continued their laborious eight-month inquiry.

Andrew Tate's filthy chauvinist world as he's arrested for sex trafficking

Tate, a former kickboxer, has in the past asserted that he is a trillionaire. A cursory examination of his Instagram reveals how much he enjoys showing off his alleged wealth, as he posts pictures of himself wearing expensive suits, wearing watches that cost one million pounds, and driving supercars such as Bugattis and Rolls-Royces.

Through the use of video snippets filmed aboard yachts and private jets, he gives the impression that he is a cigar-smoking playboy.

The interior of the palatial mansion features luxurious furnishings with glass cabinets to store his assortment of weapons. CCTV monitors every room of the house with the exception of the bathroom.

Recently, he asserted that he had the location labelled as a shooting range in order to allow the security guards who patrol the fringes to lawfully carry firearms.

Tate asserts, in a provocative manner, that she only dates individuals aged 18 or 19 because they have fewer previous sexual partners.

And despite the fact that women are conspicuously absent from Tate’s feed, a photo that was uploaded to his brother’s Instagram account in September showed Tristan surrounded by eight very young women who were barely covering themselves. Visible on the photo was Andrew’s arm, which his snake tattoo could identify.

So, the self-proclaimed sexist, who spent his childhood on a council estate in Luton, how did he end up with millions of dollars?

A former kickboxing champion allegedly assaulted a woman.
His father, Emory Tate, was a pioneering black chess teacher, and his mother, Eileen, was a homemaker. He was born in Chicago.

My father served in the United States Air Force. He was absent for protracted stretches of time. “And he was absent for extended periods of time due to competing in chess competitions,” he explained to The Times in September.

When he returned home, he would tell his children, “Look, your mother has to do the day-to-day stuff.” I’m a man. I have an obligation to ensure that you are safe.’ And there we would sit, playing chess with one another.”

After the couple divorced, the child’s mother, Eileen, relocated the family to Luton, which Tate referred to as “the worst place in the UK.”

He started playing chess when he was five and was quite good at it, but his skill level never reached the level required for the competitive circuit, so he switched to kickboxing and eventually became a four-time world champion.

After being selected for Big Brother in 2016, he was kicked off the show after a video surfaced showing him assaulting a female contestant.

In a second video clip, he can be seen instructing a woman to take inventory of the cuts and bruises that he allegedly inflicted upon her.

Tate asserted that he had been subjected to “kink-shaming,” while the women also disputed that any abuse had occurred and stated that the videos displayed consensual sexual activity.

On social media, he was found to have used homophobic and racial slurs, and in 2017, he was criticised by organisations that support mental health for claiming that sadness “isn’t real.”

Tate’s viewpoint that women should “have kids, sit at home, be quiet, and make coffee” may have been influenced by his father’s perspective; however, Tate has gone well beyond the bounds of casual sexism; in fact, one domestic abuse charity has referred to his views as “extreme misogyny” that is capable of radicalising men and boys to commit acts of violence against women.

“I’m the world’s first trillionaire,” he boasted.
In 2017, he criticised the #MeToo movement that was working to end sexual assault by claiming that victims of sexual assault should “carry some responsibility” for it.

Tate, who was obsessed with gaining recognition, was suspended from Twitter and instead posted rants on Facebook. She also made an appearance on Infowars, the podcast of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and posed beside far-right activist Tommy Robinson and Nigel Farage.

Also, he had a meeting with Donald Trump, and subsequently, he posted on Facebook, saying, “The Tate family supports Trump FULLY.” MAGA!”

Tate gained access to a new venue with the advent of TikTok, where he urged his followers to inundate the internet with his most contentious videos, which have collectively amassed more than 13 billion views so far.

In one video, he describes how he would respond if a lady accused him of cheating, and in that video, he makes threats of physical violence.

In another, he refers to a former girlfriend who accused him of striking her as a “stupid hoe.” This is an accusation that he categorically refutes.

Together with Tristan, he entered the adult entertainment industry by launching a webcam business in which women are paid to engage in sexual actions while being filmed.

He asserts that the performers pocketed 80–85 percent of the revenues received and that “most of the females ended up being multimillionaires” as a result of their participation.

In recent years, he has positioned himself as a “self-help guru,” promising to rescue his followers from impoverishment through his teachings.

He says that “escaping the matrix” and “popping the red pill” are the keys to success, using language that is comparable to that which is used by the misogynistic Incel movement. These phrases refer to opting out of regular society.

He urged his followers, who were primarily men, to sign up for his Hustler’s University community, which resulted in the enrollment of 127,000 members who paid $39 per month to listen to his “get rich quick” advice.

Some people have referred to it as a pyramid scam, which he deems to be a “false” accusation.

His advice includes striking the optimum balance to attract the greatest number of followers on TikTok, as he explains: “What you want is ideally a combination of 60-70 percent lovers and 30-40 percent detractors. ” You want disagreements? Then you want conflict!”

Tate has asserted that he is worth significantly more than the approximately £41 million that is now considered to be his net worth.

He declared, “I don’t want to brag, but I’m a trillionaire—the first in the world.”

“For a very long time, I had no money. I made my first million when I was about 27 years old, then I had another 100 million by the time I was 31, and I just recently become a trillionaire.”

While he makes money off of his misogyny, it is believed that his mother, Eileen Tate, is still residing in the 275,000 pound council property in Luton where she brought up their children.

It has been stated that his younger sister Janine has severed all connections with him.

A representative for the Tate brothers released the following statement after Romanian authorities raided their home at 7 am yesterday morning: “Andrew and Tristan Tate have the utmost respect for the Romanian authorities and will always assist and help in any way they can.”

It is expected that the brothers will refute the charges that they were involved in sex trafficking.

Tate was just just given permission to use Twitter again, and he now has 3.8 million followers. Many of his followers hold him up as a hero for his strong political views.

This number continued to rise throughout the night after his arrest, which is a worrying indicator of the wide influence that this man who despises women possesses.

The Romanian prosecutors requested a judge in Bucharest yesterday to keep Tate in jail for an additional thirty days.


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