Jenny Miranda detonates Bia in hollow audio and the online reacts.


Alfinetei Teen harshly attacked A Fazenda 14’s runner-up.

On Wednesday (28), an Instagram page called Pinet Teen posted a purported audio from Jenny Miranda. Bia’s mother detonates the ex-peoa by saying, “What do you have to offer me, Bia?” Is a floorcloth a request? Seeing your brother too often? “I’ve always backed you,” stated.

Once in a lifetime and once in death, grant me 100 reais. Too much? OK! “I never utilized you since I don’t need you!” No one has spoken yet, but the family environment is bad. The young woman mocked his stepfather in a Podcast.

“I talk, he’s in my favorite band. From LGBTQIAP +, right? Fábio Gontijo later said, “Ignorance is humanity’s worst evil.” Her fruits include fights, conflicts, and prejudice. Bia, I know you’re living a unique, news-filled moment.

Jenny’s husband said, “I don’t know if you’re dazzled by a celebrity or just immature.” After his outburst, he said, “You don’t have to like me, all I ask is respect.” Fábio told Who he’s bisexual in October.


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