MRC pulls Kanye West’s document

MRC pulls Kanye West's document (1)

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MRC Entertainment is the latest industry player to cut ties with Kanye West following the rapper’s recent anti-Semitic comments. MRC’s announcement came shortly after top talent agency CAA dropped West from its client list.

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“Kanye West is a music producer and sampler. He sampled and remixed a classic song that has charted for over 3000 years last week – the lie that Jews are evil and conspire to control the world for their own gain “MRC stated in a letter obtained by The Times.

“This song was performed acapella by the Pharaohs, Babylon, and Rome went acoustic by The Spanish Inquisition and Russia’s Pale of Settlement, and was made electric by Hitler. Kanye has now helped to popularise it in the modern era “The letter went on.

Several organizations have distanced themselves from West after he repeatedly expressed antisemitic views in interviews and on social media. This month, West has also come under fire for modeling and selling shirts with the slogan “White Lives Matter.”

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Twitter and Instagram have recently blocked West from posting on their platforms, and the unscripted TV show “The Shop” has declined to air an episode featuring the musician.

In the aftermath of West’s antisemitic outbursts, West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloé Kardashian have both expressed support for the Jewish community.

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J.P. Morgan, the Gap, and Balenciaga are among the companies that have parted ways with the Grammy winner and fashion mogul. Following the cancellation of its documentary, MRC urged more companies to take a stand against both the “Flashing Lights” hitmaker and antisemitism.

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“Lies are an essential component of all discrimination, and this one is no exception. When they are well-crafted, they give the impression that the action is justified, that the bigot is ‘punching up at the victim “The MRC letter went on.

“It is critical for antisemites, who must explain why they are attacking a people who make up less than half of the world’s population. In terms of numbers, this was not a fair fight. But, if the Jews are ultra-powerful as a result of secret evil plots, the argument goes, it must be fair and acceptable.”

MRC pulls Kanye West's document (1)

The Los Angeles Times reported over the weekend that there has been an increase in antisemitic activity in the city as a result of West’s behavior, which has been praised by members of a hate group giving Nazi salutes in the city.

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“The silence from leaders and corporations on Kanye or antisemitism, in general, is disheartening but not surprising,” the MRC said in a statement.

“What is new and sad is the fear of Jews talking about defending themselves.” 

 Read the full MRC letter – signed by CEOs Modi Wiczyk, Asif Satchu and Scott Tenley – below.

 This morning, after talking with the actors and our partners, we decided not to proceed with any distribution for the documentary we wrote about Kanye West. We cannot support any content that enhances its platform.

Kanye is a music producer and producer. Last week he sampled and remixed a classic track that marks over 3,000 years – lies that the Jews are evil and plot to control the world for their own benefit.

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This song was performed acapella in the time of Pharaoh, Babylon, and Rome, then acoustic in The Spanish Inquisition and Russian Pale of Settlement, and Hitler used electric music. Kanu has helped bring it into the modern age.

Lies are an important part of any discrimination, and this is no different. When they are well organized, they create the illusion that the event is fair, and that the fanatic is doing the “killing” of the person.

This is important for anti-Jews, who must explain why they attack people who represent less than half of one percent of the world’s population. It was not a fair fight, in terms of numbers. And if the Jews have great power because of a secret diabolical plot, well, the argument is that it must be fair and just.

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