2x Super Bowl Champ Gives Honestly Brutal Take On Colin Kaepernick

Damien Woody, a former New England Patriots guard, gave NFL fans a moment to remember when he spoke about Colin Kaepernick and his chances of playing in the NFL.  

In his opinion, Kaepernick deserves the chance to demonstrate his abilities and Woody describes how Mark Davis' interest was essential to Kaepernick obtaining a tryout with the Las Vegas Raiders.

During this particular First Take segment with Stephen A. Smith, Woody mentions, “I’ve always said there aren’t 64 quarterbacks who are better than Colin Kaepernick.”  

He believes that after a six-year break, now is the right time for him to show what he truly is. 

As Woody believes there are familiar faces at the franchise, the former Super Bowl finalist could have a realistic shot at getting a job. 

From 2013 to 2016, Kaepernick played under Raiders offensive coordinator Mick Lombardi in San Francisco.  

Kaepernick has finally received the long-awaited opportunity that he previously had been denied, according to the analyst.

Even though Kaepernick’s workout demonstrated his arm strength and conditioning, he still has time before he receives an official offer from an NFL team.  

Josh McDaniels has caught his attention for his promising workout, despite his lack of experience as an NFL head coach. McDaniels has a track record of 11-17 with the Denver Broncos between 2009 and 2010.

In the upcoming NFL season, the Raiders must prove they are contenders in the grim AFC West. 

The million-dollar question on NFL fans' minds will be whether or not Kaepernick will be on their roster.  

A backup QB upgrade is the million-dollar question.