Paramount Network gets 'Yellowstone' spinoff "6666"

Taylor Sheridan's corner of the West continues to grow!

Yellowstone spinoff 6666 is moving from streaming to linear after being announced as a Paramount+ exclusive.

Paramount defines the best strategy to keep the Western universe created by Taylor Sheridan appealing to a growing audience, according to Deadline.

One of the most famous properties in the United States is 6666, the story of Four Sixes Ranch.

Sheridan purchased the Texas ranch last year, and some scenes from Season 4 of Yellowstone were filmed there.

Instead of following the Dutton family, the prequel will be set when the Comanches still ruled West Texas.

6666 will open up the Sheridan-verse to new possibilities, as the series takes place two centuries before Yellowstone.

Sheridan is developing three Yellowstone spinoffs as part of his overall deal with Paramount.

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