A Cult Classic Stephen King Horror Film Surges Its Way Back to the Top of Netflix

Potentially one of the most misjudged variations of Stephen King has appeared unexpectedly today to hit Netflix's Top 10 graphs. 

Flaunting a noteworthy 6.23 million hours streamed for the current week alone, said film is plainly reverberating great with crowds all over the planet.

In particular, the pic being referred to is 2007's Lovecraftian mental blood and gore film, The Mist, which is, as per Netflix's true site,

 in at number 8 in the present Top 10 diagrams. Really striking, no?

Coordinated by Frank Darabont, who recently adjusted one more Stephen King novel to the cinema with much achievement 

 (you may've known about it!), The Mist is a tight and air blood and gore film that includes a clearly harsh environment, a breathtaking outfit cast, 

 and a few truly tormenting enhanced visualizations. The story centers around the little rustic town of Bridgton, Maine, where friendly dad David Drayton (Thomas Jane),