A domestic dispute restraining order has been granted to Ricky Martin, who says the allegations are 'completely false'

In Puerto Rico, Ricky Martin is facing a restraining order for a domestic dispute. Friday was the date of the signing of the order.

A copy of theited an upscale neighborhood in the north coastal town of Dorado, where Martin lives, to try to serve the order, police spokesman Axel Valencia told The Associated Press on Saturday.

US TODAY received a statement from Martin's representative. "The allegations against Ricky Martallegations.ompletely false and fabricated," the statement said

According to USA TODAY, Martin's representative denied the allegations. client Ricky Martin will be fully vindicated."

An official from Martin's company dallegations.ly false” allegations and that he will face the process “with the responsibility that character

An official from Martin's company denied the allegations. all my heart,” he  A statement from Martin's representative denied the allegations.

It was not immediately known who requested the restraining order. Valencia said he could not provide further details because the order.