A perfect dad joke about Riley's angst about graduation is dropped by Steph

teph Curry has accomplished quite a bit over the last calendar year. 

In May, Curry graduated from college, along with securing the Warriors' fourth championship and winning MVP trophies.

As a result of leaving Davidson College for the 2009 NBA Draft, he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in sociology 13 years later.

"My trip to Davidson was purposeful," Curry said Thursday at the celebrity American Century Championship.

In fact, I knew I had to leave after my junior year to play basketball but I also wanted a great education.

It was a promise I made to my mom and [former Davidson] coach Bob McKillop that I would finish eventually.

As soon as I left school, Curry said, "I put in a lot of work.". The following year, Curry did a lot of work for my career.at promise,