A Virginia man knows he won $600 on a scratch-off. When he went to cash it, officials informed him that it was actually $1 million.

When a Virginia man went to redeem what he thought was a $600 lottery prize.

 He was pleasantly surprised to discover that he had won $1 million, according to state officials.

 According to the Virginia Lottery, Jose Flores Velasquez purchased the 20X.

 The Money scratch-off ticket from a local supermarket in Annadale after work on Tuesday.

 When Velasquez arrived at the lottery company's customer service centre.

He was told that his ticket was more valuable than he had anticipated.

 He could take the full $1 million prize over 30 years.

 Or a one-time cash payment of $759,878 before taxes "As according to lotto jackpot authorities.