Abby De La Rosa is cool and has Nick Cannon having 'so many children'.

Abby De La Rosa doesn't appear to be averse to having a huge family.

In the Instagram Live, on Tuesday night, expecting DJ's followers asked her what she was feeling regarding Nick Cannon  

who's fathered several babies with different women including her - having many children.

"I grew up with such a strong sense of family!" she said. "I have 14 uncles and aunts and hella cousins!"

She said the fact that she's "not looking for anyone to understand or agree" with her feelings and was just expressing her opinion on the dynamics of her family.

"For me, my children having so many siblings is cool to me," she added. "Children are a blessing in whatever capacity that may be." 

In the last month, De La Rosa, 31, shared she's expecting a second timeand is due October. 25,.  

She's already the mother of 1-year-old twins Zion and Zillion who share with Cannon,

A week after they announced the news of the year, De La Rosa and Cannon celebrated their twins their first birthdays at Disneyland.

The users of the social media platform Snapchat have been warned about an "creepy" update. 

The update allows users on Snapchat to trace users to their street addresses 

and also tells users how long it will take to get there. "Snap Map," the "Snap Map

update has caused privacy and safety issues in professionals and parents.

In March an 16-year-old girl suffered sexual assault in Brighton, England, 

, after an incident was discovered by gatecrashers who utilized the map feature. 

Expert in cyber security Jordan Foster has warned parents about the potential impact that such information can be able to have.

This "Snap Map" update can be deactivated by choosing "Ghost Mode" in the application's settings.

Abby De La Rosa is cool and has Nick Cannon having 'so many children'.