‘About Oscar night’: Jada Pinkett Smith hopes Will Smith and Chris Rock can ‘heal’

Jada Pinkett Smith promised to share some of their "discoveries about healing" when the time came.

As a result of her Oscars moment, she invited members of the alopecia community to her Facebook Watch series "Red Table Talk."

After what happened at the Oscars, Pinkett Smith said hundreds of people have contacted her with their stories.

"I am using this opportunity to educate people about alopecia and how it is to live with it."

Before Will Smith smacked Rock at the Oscars, he compared Pinkett Smith's shaved head to Demi Moore's hairstyle in "G.I. Jane."

She spoke candidly at the awards show about her alopecia areata condition, which causes rapid hair loss and affects approximately 7 million people. 

According to dermatologist Meena Singh, who appeared on "Red Table Talk," the United States is the world's most dangerous country.

I am deeply hopeful that these two intelligent, capable men will be able to work through this issue, talk it out, and reconcile the state of the world today.  

Until then, Will and I will keep doing what we have been doing for 28 years: keep trying to figure out life together, and we are more dependent on each other than ever.

While discussing the Oscar scandal in general, Pinkett Smith discussed her shame surrounding having alopecia with daughter Willow Smith  

and mother Adrienne "Gammy" Banfield-Norris, speaking of some of her personal struggles since being diagnosed.

According to Pinkett Smith, the hardest part is that it comes and goes. I thought it was important for our alopecia brothers and sisters to share their stories.