All the Game of Thrones connections in Stranger Things season 4

The Upside Down has ties to Westeros that extend beyond the two actors who had memorable encounters with Arya Stark on the Netflix show's penultimate season.

Stranger Things season 4 has arrived with winter.

The Duffer brothers previously warned EW that they refer to the latest volume of their hit Netflix show as "our Game of Thrones season." 

Our heroes of House Byers and House Wheeler have split up and wandered various lands across the world as the first seven episodes have hit the streamer, which feature darker scenes, ruthless villains, and even more split up heroes.

"Not today" is one of the things the kids of Stranger Things say to death, but it turns out that the Upside Down has a much closer connection to the Iron Throne 

two of the show's stars from season 4 also appeared on Game of Thrones, both involving encounters with Arya Stark.

Interestingly, the most recognizable Game of Thrones character on Stranger Things this season is a character without a face. 

David Harbour is at the Russian prison where Dimitri  is a guard. Hopper escaped death in the season 3 finale.  

The two men develop a relationship over the course of the season. 

As Jaqen H'ghar, one of the Faceless Men of Braavos, who can change their appearance at will and trains Arya to become No One , Waschiha formed a memorable connection with Arya.

Quinn , a breakout character this season as Eddie Munson of the Hellfire Club, also had a brief exchange with Arya. 

Quinn played one of two guards who heckled her when she returned to Winterfell to reunite with her sister, Sansa ( Sophie Turner). 

As he tells her, "Look, it's cold and we're busy, so y'know, better f--- off," he believes she has taken the place of the real Arya Stark, who they believe has died.