An Indigenous Producer Was Turned Away From the Cannes Red Carpet For Wearing Moccasins 

On Sunday, Indigenous film producer Kelvin Redvers (Dene) walked the red carpet for the premiere of Valeria  

Bruni Tedeschi's Les Amandiers at the Cannes Film Festival in France. 

The Vancouver-based Redvers, knowing the step and repeat at Cannes is always a paparazzi-filled spectacle 

chose to show off and celebrate his own Indigenous culture by wearing a pair of traditional moccasins. 

I wanted to wear a pair of moccasins that were beaded by my sister as an example of something formal for my culture, Redvers told Variety .  

Security stopped Redvers at the red carpet, barred him from entering, and asked him to leave until he changed into his "regular" dress shoes.

For wearing the moccasins, made from moose hide and embellished with beautiful beadwork 

The festival has turned away guests for failing to adhere to the event’s infamously-strict, but Dress codes, footwear choices are scrutinized at the festival. 

There was a time when festival-goers were turned away from the event if they wore flats instead of heels. 

In spite of stars like Julia Roberts and Kristen Stewart protesting it by walking barefoot on the carpet 

the festival's dress shoe rules apparently still apply to cultural wear. 

This is an outdated and at its worst, discriminatory approach. Redvers has since apologized.