An optical illusion in 3D that not everyone can see 

When is enough optical illusion enough? The internet is still not satisfied with being bent, boggled, fried, etc. over the last few months. I have a deep illusion, man.  

A new illusion, showcasing the phenomenon of chromostereopsis, has gone viral on the web.  

Some people don't notice the eye's depth, but for others it's quite amazing. Interested? Here are the best optical illusions.  

A cognitive scientist created an image of a blue pupil inside a red eye socket. 

To some, the distance between the red and blue appears vast, as if the pupil is actually receding into the screen. 

Stafford asserts that there are big variations between individuals in the way they perceive an effect.  

For most, red is perceived as being closer, while blue is perceived as deeper or being farther away. He uses a version in which the colours are reversed to show his point. 

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