Andrew Tate's chauvinist world after sex trafficking arrest

HE has billions of TikTok views, an army of ­slavish followers, and is the third most Googled person of 2022, behind the Queen and Trump.

Andrew Tate was detained in Romania for sex trafficking this week. Tate's odd Twitter argument with Greta Thunberg prompted the police raid.

The British influencer and former Big Brother participant was arrested together with his brother Tristan, 34, in a Bucharest neighbourhood.

Tate gained millions preaching misogynistic beliefs on social media after being expelled off Big Brother in 2016 for beating a woman with a belt.

He's been banned from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for his hateful diatribes, including his notion that raped women "have some blame."

Prosecutors said Tate and his brother are suspects in an alleged organised crime ring that sexually victimised at least six women.