In the middle of a season wonder that ever his mom feels awestruck at times Aaron judge.celebrate the moment of performance along with familyjudge’s mom patty said, All rise baseball pro camp in forest hills on monday.

Merely 6-foot-7stature hitting home runs at a record .Yankees to the best record in baseball .

Hundreda of wide-eyed little leaguers donned t-shirts with the number 99 on the back on monday in forest hill high school.

Kinda starstruck judge said ‘it’s pretty humbling for me ,because i am trying to talk to them about drills but they want to ask me baseball questions.

How do you hit home runs’,the judge said with a laugh. What sort of questions did they ask?leading with 43 home runs ,Monday's 7-2 win over the Mariners Yankee’s first 102 games judge matched him this weekend.

Roger maris single season record of61home runs when flipped to august 6 in the calendar .after a torrid weekend in which he smacked four runs .Not at all judges said that’s a long way away .I'm still stuck in the 40s.

.It’s the same  team first stance judge has maintained throughout the season .stalled tails of a potential contract extension.

But I'm more worried about bringing to new York .Can worry about the records he spent with kids and how you perform a crow hop .

He never attended any baseball camps hosted on monday but jumped at the opportunity to learn at a young age by himself.