Austin Butler Is a Hunk of Burning Love

There are an expected 400,000 Elvis Presley impersonators overall who commit themselves to shimmying into rhinestone jumpsuits and slicking their hair back and turning their hips. 

Who, a large number of evenings, murmur "Dog" and "Love Me Tender," and articulate you man and spouse and put on their best Southern drone to thank you, 

thank you kindly. There is maybe no one else in mankind's set of experiences who has been imitated and venerated as much as Elvis. Despite the King's ubiquity,  

how could an entertainer who is met with the undertaking of depicting Elvis cause it to feel… 

genuine? All things considered, even film of the real man can feel uncanny, as though he, as well, is one more impersonator hyping the sayings.

Presently, Austin Butler is assuming the test of attempting to restore him for the Baz Luhrmann biopic Elvis. 

On the off chance that Elvis was a well mannered, attractive, and capable youthful gatecrasher in the realm of music, then Butler is a respectful,  

attractive, and skilled youthful intruder in the realm of Elvis translators. 

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