Austin Butler: The Gen Z Elvi 

This week is CinemaCon in Vegas. Movie studios give exclusive previews of upcoming films to theatre owners and nowadays it's like a rally for the survival of cinema.   

Both Baz Luhrmann and Austin Butler, who plays Elvis, were present to promote their film yesterday.   

I love Elvis Presley, as I said when I saw the trailer. And Elvis Luhrmann? In terms of visual excess and tacky, he's perfect for Elvis. The plot?  

As Baz said at CinemaCon, his film is not exactly a biopic but rather "about America in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s"  

as told through Elvis' humble beginnings, fame, and final fall.  Also...this is Elvis for today. Per Baz: 

This is the story of Elvis and the classics, but translated for a younger generation."  

Millennials, Gen X, and older generations must also be catered for in Austin.   

The ones who actually know enough about Elvis to draw comparisons. In my opinion...  That's good. 

Austin is carrying himself in "real life" at CinemaCon, not just the footage from the movie. See:  

The couple will honeymoon in LA and then in NYC and Hawaii, it was reported.  

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