According to HuffPost, Power Rangers star Austin St John is allegedly one of 18 people 

Named in a federal indictment announced by US attorney Brit Featherston in Texas. 

Jason Lawrence Geiger, real name Austin St John, is alleged to be among 18 defendants charged 

With violations of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in the Eastern District of Texas, according to 

The US Attorney's Office. In an indictment, the actor is alleged to have been part of a scheme to  

Defraud lenders and the Small Business Administration.Small businesses affected by this epidemic may 

Take advantage of the program.The defendants face a 20-year prison sentence if convicted.  

We examine the actor's role in the Power Rangers franchise and career.

Red Power Ranger was portrayed by Austin St John in the hit superhero series.

The first instalment of the Power Rangers franchise, is played by the 47-year-old actor.