Bill Gates investing $20 million in an air conditioning startup 

Air conditioning is a climate disaster and Bill Gates is investing in this startup to fixit) 

Air conditioner has a potential to keep people cool in climatic changes also

Air conditioner needs more energy and technology uses lot of energy it will changes to climatic change as more people need air conditioned to stay comfortable

Bill gates invented clean tech fund break through energy ventures leading $20 million investment round in an air conditioning startup, Blue Fron 

. Blue frontier air conditioner uses salt solution in liquid to do both cooling and dehumidification work

Currently, air conditioning is responsible for nearly 4% of global greenhouse ga emissions, according to an analysis by scientists from the Department of Energy

Conventional air conditioner technology uses a vapour compression cycle to cool the air.

Chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons are used in all refrigerator these chemicals will effect in ozone layer but they still having high global warming.