Britney Spears, 40, and her aide enter a bar for the first time.

Britney Spears, 40, said on Thursday that it was the first time she had ever entered a pub. 

The singer shared the achievement on her Instagram Story while drinking a martini at a restaurant's bar with her assistant.

"I've never been to a bar before. First time," Spears stated to the camera while sporting large sunglasses and her trademark choker.  

"I feel so posh and smart," the speaker said. When Spears focused the camera on Victoria Asher, she said, "We're having a little beverage."

The "Gimme More" singer mockingly wrote, "So delighted they took my rights away for 13 years to have a cocktail," as the caption for one of her videos.  

The Spears family and staff have been insistent throughout the years about preventing the mother of two from drinking.

When she was on tour in 2018, her team reportedly forbade alcohol from being given backstage, according to Page Six.

She was also prohibited from drinking by a provision in her conservatorship, which had been in existence for more than 13 years.