Bronny James' Prom Car Was a Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe

As teenagers, we probably felt fortunate to be able to attend prom in either of our parents' daily 

but, on the other hand, our parents aren't LeBron James and we aren't aspiring basketball players like Bronny.

Bronny James, aka LeBron James Jr., is the eldest child of NBA legend LeBron James, widely regarded as the greatest player of all time.  

His famous father makes a lot of money, making him unlike most teenagers. 

Bronny's already famous on his own, and even though he's only 17, he's already making money.

Bronny, an aspiring basketball pro with two more years until he can be drafted by the NBA, is working hard on his career while attending Sierra Canyon School 

the same high school Kylie and Kendall Jenner attended before they became world famous. 

Bronnie made sure his prom entrance was one that got attention a few days ago.