Caitlyn Jenner, Who Was Supporting Devin Booker's Suns Because of Kendall Jenner, Evaluates "Humiliating" NBA Playoffs Lo

Its a well known fact Kendall Jenner and Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker are a thing. Regardless of keeping their relationship clandestine 

, it in the long run emerged to general society.  

Besides, it appears Caitlyn Jenner is a fan as well.

During a meeting, Caitlyn Jenner was asked with respect to her pick for the NBA finals.  

Jenner discussed how her group is now out of the finals and further discussed game 7 between the Mavs and the Suns.

Strangely, it appears Kendall isn't the main motivation behind why Caitlyn honestly loves the Suns.  

Caitlyn alluded to Devin as a "truly extraordinary person" while expounding on her help for the Suns. 

Caitlyn said, "Who we had in the finals? Indeed, I'm out of the NBA. Indeed, Devin the Booker the Suns. They just got creamed in game 7.