The Christmas season is around September 13, People only uncovered that the Full House entertainer. 

Her most memorable film with her new organization Great American Media by means of her creation organization Candy Rock Entertainment. 

Soon after the news broke, Candace took to Instagram to communicate how excited she is about the forthcoming undertaking, which she'll likewise be chipping away at as a leading maker.

At that point, watchers shared their failure and presently, it seems like large numbers of them are as yet resentful about the absence of admittance to GAC. 

While it seems like GAC Family films are accessible on iTunes or real-time features like Hulu and Peacock, there's no word yet on how fans can watch A Christmas … Present after it debuts.  

Aside from tuning in life on the GAC Family link channel, people can likewise track down the channel on Hulu Live TV, Friendly TV, Fubo TV, Philo and Sling TV.  

Likewise, the organization is sending off a free application called Great American Community on September 26,.

making it simpler to watch Candace's undertakings without expecting to pursue another service 

the corner and Candace Cameron Bure is formally getting back with another Christmas film on GAC Family.