Cara Delevingne goes viral by helping Megan Thee Stallion style her risky Billboard Music Awards dress.

Cara Delevingne performed numerous roles as host of the Billboard Music Awards last night 

As well as being a supermodel, Megan Thee Stallion is an enormous fan.

At honorary pathway, Delevingne encouraged the genius rapper how to posture to flaunt her custom outfit and at last hopped in to do it for her. 

Model Stallion lifted up the brown and dark train that hung behind her.

Delevingne decided on a downplayed look.

 Her dark trimmed long sleeve shirt had flimsy lashes that tied across her ribcage, as well as a thick belt with silver subtleties.

Furthermore, she wore dark suit pants with creased subtleties.

Wearing battle boots, she strolled on her feet. She layered thick gold neckbands over one another as a frill.

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