Charles Barkley happy for Lakers coach Darvin Ham, says Lakers still have ‘serious dilemma on their hands'

Ham was hired as the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks after four seasons as an assistant coach

Barkley does not believe Ham's hiring will bring success to the Lakers, who missed the playoffs last season. Nevertheless, Barkley is happy for Ham. 

Sir Charles is not as enthusiastic about the hire of Ham as LeBron James, who congratulated Ham on social media following the Lakers' 33-49 season. 

According to Barkley on the "Dan Patrick Show," Darvin has trained hard and he is a nice guy. We'll see how he does as a coach." 

"But if your coach is close to the same age as your players, you won't have a good team.".

Barkley noted that the Lakers face a difficult situation. "Their best player is going to be 40, and Anthony Davis has never been healthy. 

Russell [Westbrook] is going to be there for one more year. What's really bad is that it will be the same thing next year."

Despite trading for Westbrook in the offseason, the Lakers had a disastrous season. They were favored to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals 

but never found chemistry. On April 5, the Lakers were eliminated from playoff contention. 

" In terms of what this team needs at the moment, we feel like, with superstars on our team, we want a strong voice that inspires players to play at the highest level of competition every night,"  

This is going to be one of the top qualities we look for in terms of holding everyone on our team, from the best players to the last guy, accountable.  

And that's going to be one of the many characteristics that I think stands out today."