Dave Chappelle joined together with Chris Rock and Kevin Hart in New York City for some unexpected laughter!

On Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, Chappelle, 48, stunned the audience when he unexpectedly joined Rock, 57, and Hart, 43, for their comedy double act.

"The highlight of my career was last night, by far. I'm at a loss for words. I'm at a loss for words "Along with images of the foursome performing, Hart posted on his Instagram page.

Just know that last night truly was a "EPIC NIGHT" and that I adore my brothers more than words can express.

We achieved something historic last night! RockHartChappelle, a comedic rock star, "Added he.

Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, and Dave Chappelle Share the Stage in New York City: The song "Had to Sneak My Way in Here"

American actor, comedian, writer, producer of television, director, and producer of motion picture

For some unexpected chuckles in New York City, Chris Rock and Kevin Hart joined American actor and comedian Dave Chappelle!