'Dave Chappelle attacker' says slap of Chris Rock by Will Smith inspired him

A wannabe rapper who attacked Dave Chappelle on stage says Will Smith's slap of Chris Rock inspired him to do so.

After Smith smacking Rock across the face on live television after the comic made a “tasteless” 

joke about Pinkett Smith's baldness, Isaiah Lee, 23, sat down for a second jailhouse interview with The Post Monday at the Twin Towers Correctional facility in Downtown Los Angeles. 

In his own words, "that's not fair what [Chris Rock] said about his wife, calling her GI Jane," Lee said, referring to a joke the former  

"SNL" star made about Pinkett Smith's hair loss due to alopecia, which he has said prompted him to walk on stage and assault Rock. 

Smith said he was "standing up for his wife" during the infamous celeb-on-celeb smack heard 'round the world 

which led him to storm stage and tackle Chappelle during "Netflix is a Joke" on May 3, after he made quips about LGBTQ people and homelessness.. 

"I wanted Dave Chappelle to know that next time he should consider running his material by people he might affect."