Dave Chappelle told alleged attacker 'Your story will die with you.' During a backstage meeting 

According to Isaiah Lee, in a new interview with The New York Post he shared his side of the backstage conversation with the comedian 

As part of a new interview with The New York Post , Isaiah Lee, 23 

who was accused of attacking Dave Chappelle earlier this month, recalled his backstage meeting with him. 

In response to Chappelle's question about why he tackled him at the Hollywood Bowl, Lee said,  

"I told him my mother and grandmother would be upset at the things he said since they fought for his civil rights."

Lee indicated that Chappelle replied, "Now your story will die with you, son. 

" Lee noted, "But he's wrong. I'm sitting here talking to you about it."

In a stand-up show after the attack, Chappelle offered his side of the conversation.