Demaryius Thomas shriveled of attractive disorder snags, similarly the postmortem report  

Former Denver Broncos soccer position Demaryius Thomas waned from "confusions of a capture disorder," similarly a postmortem report from the Fulton County  Medical Examiner's commission. 

Portions of the report were joint following ESPN on Friday.  

Thomas was erect dead in welcome Roswell, Georgia, home on Dec. 9 at age 33, and a postmortem was performed the following age. 

In December, the restorative exploratory's commission released a proclamation that "the cause and tone of decease are probable the perfecting of mill studies and miniature texture samples."  

In the authoritative report, the restorative exploratory evident the type of Thomas' expiring waste obscure 

It was obscure if the capture disorder was the result of common causes or for that reason impacts to Thomas' head concurrently with an activity welcome NFL course. 

Last momentary time of the occurrence or system's life, investigators at Boston University established to ABC News that Thomas had continued never-ending fearsome encephalopathy (CTE) 

A bashful acumen disease, but distinct that CTE had not generated welcome obscurity.