Diana Taurasi of the Phoenix Mercury is the first WNBA player over 40 to score 30 goals.

Diana Taurasi, a star of the Phoenix Mercury, discovered even more ethereal air to be in on Thursday night.

Taurasi became the first WNBA player to score 30 or more points at age 40 or older when she scored 30 points in Phoenix's 90-80 victory over the Los Angeles Sparks.  

She was only the third player in NBA/WNBA history to accomplish this feat, following Dirk Nowitzki and Michael Jordan. 

Since we were just discussing it in the hallway, Taurasi said, "Well, I mean, at this point, everything's a record when you're old. 

"The first player to miss 15 threes in a game lasting more than 40. the first player over 40 to commit four offensive fouls in a two-minute period.

So, at least for now, I'm content with a victory. At 40, if we can still be the best team, I'll be content.

The victory propelled the Mercury into the playoff race and into sixth place in the WNBA standings.  

The WNBA BPI estimates that Phoenix has a 76 percent chance of making the playoffs, a probability that could slightly change over night.