Dwayne Johnson's daughter Simone hits back at criticism of WWE name ahead of debut

Dwayne Johnson's daughter Simone faces backlash over her pro wrestling name ahead of her WWE debut. 

On Sunday, Simone, 20, changed her name to Ava Raine.

Others criticized her WWE moniker, arguing that it should be linked to her father, formerly known as "The Rock" in the WWE.

The critic tweeted, "Giving Simone Johnson a new name is completely nonsensical." 

"Will hold judgement until she debuts, but if WWE doesn't admit her dad is The Rock, that's ridiculous."

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"I know I sound like a broken record, but I can't understand why people are depicted as separate from their family names."

"The name of a family does not detract from any past accomplishments," she said.

Simone later tweeted: "I could build my entire career around my father & people would still bash me."

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WWE is awaiting Simone's debut. Her entrance into the ring has been delayed by a knee injury, sustained in 2020.