Elon Musk Has an Original Idea to End Manager-Worker Division

Tesla's CEO is known for pushing his businesses to the limit.

Tesla's CEO is opposed to the creation of a union, and he will do whatever it takes to ensure unionization fails.

A favorite argument of his is that the manufacturer of electric vehicles offers some of the best working conditions, wages, and benefits 

One of the causes of tension with the Biden administration is Trump's dislike for unions. 

Biden himself is a passionate supporter of the unions, hosting labor leaders after Amazon's historic victory in April, yet another 

"Chris Smalls is making good trouble and inspiring labor organizing across the country," the Democratic president said on May 11, referring to an Amazon union orga

However, Musk has just come up with an original idea that may well be accepted by unions.  

He proposes abolishing the class system in firms. In essence, Musk wants to eliminate the distinction between managers and employees, as well a

The serial entrepreneur wrote on Twitter on June 2 that workers and management should not be classed as different. "Everyone is a worker."

Tesla CEO Elon Musk explained that at Tesla, managers and employees have been treated equally. 

In Tesla factories, there are no special privileges for managers. The company houses everyone in the same boat, Musk said.

All people eat the same food, use the same restrooms, etc. - no executive chef or another ivory tow

Musk's system resembles the Toyotism that is already prevalent in tech companies where employees have much more freedom to plan and execute their own work.