Elon Musk hits back at Twitter's court danger in the absolute most Elon Musk way

New York (CNN Business)Elon Musk derided Twitter's endeavors to drive him to buy the organization - - in a tweet, obviously.

Early Monday, Musk tweeted four pictures of him snickering close to subtitles that read: "They said I was unable to purchase Twitter. 

Then, at that point, they wouldn't unveil bot data. Presently they need to compel me to purchase

 Twitter in court. Presently they need to reveal bot data in court." That was before long followed by an image of entertainer 

 on his side of the board, and a total arrangement of pieces on the opposite side, with Musk tweeting, "Chuckmate."

Musk revealed late Friday he was hauling out of his consent to purchase Twitter, refering to the absence of data about the quantity of Twitter clients comprised of 

 of bots. His attorney said that put Twitter "in material break of numerous arrangements" of the first understanding. Twitter answered by saying it would "seek after legitimate activity to implement the consolidation understanding."