Elon Musk's plan is to launch Twitter overhead

For more than 60 minutes for free, the world's richest man asks questions about teleworking, layoffs, moderation

SHe asked staff hungry for specific answers to a set of sentences several times.

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's better when you're in a physical place," says Mike Isaac of the New York Times. What internal moderation policy does it support? "We have to let people

 But "it's important to make Twitter as attractive as possible," said Musk, according to Kali Hays and Hugh Langley of Insider.

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WeChat, he said. But also "fun" like TikTok. But also payments and also subscriptions. 

 Musk said, is a recipe on Twitter to attract 1 billion users - about 770 million more than today. 

 he spoke at meetings with half a dozen or more employees. The reactions were mixed, but mostly negative.