"Elvis" Trailer Reveals Even More of Austin Butler's Hip-Shaking King

It’s been a while since we’ve seen new footage from Elvis  

the upcoming Baz Luhrmann biopic that centers around the king of rock ‘n roll.  

As we approach Austin Butler's release date, we can finally expect to get even more sneak peeks as the movie's release date approaches.  

The first trailer was released in mid-February. During the film's 20-year span 

it explores the icon's complicated relationship with his manager Tom Parker (Tom Hanks).

It is Luhrmann's first movie since The Great Gatsby in 2013. 

It is written by Sam Bromell (The Get Down ), Craig Pearce (Moulin Rouge! ), and Jeremy Doner ( The Killing ).  

Its story is based on one of the most influential cultural icons of the last century, Elvis.  

Even after his premature death in 1977, Elvis remains among the world's best-selling solo recording artists with more than 500 million records sold.