Fresh french fries are the best. However, they're even better when they're free.

To celebrate its 64th birthday, Burger King is offering yet another epic deal.

Starting on Monday, Frequent Fry'er will accept fries in any size, so you can choose small, medium or large to fit your appetite 

To take advantage of the new promotion, you need to sign up for the Burger King Royal Perks program by June 20 

 Burger King slashed the price of its iconic Whopper in December to 37 cents (the price when it debuted in 1957), but only for Royal Perks members.

All Wendy's app users received free Hot & Crispy Fries once a week with any purchase in February.

As part of Panera's drink subscription, members receive free unlimited self-serve beverages until July 4 - after that, it's $10.99 a month

These free fries aren't applicable to delivery orders or other offers/coupons, and they're only available at participating U.S. restaurants.

This will continue through 2022 with 35 free weeks of fries.

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