Explosion takes place in elon musk casual space station at moscow

Elon musk posted on twitter that the explosion on the launch pad during testing of a massive spacex rocket prototype is not really good and the company is assessing the damage

The rocket an early version of vehicle spacex calls the starship is seen starting it engines as it remain

South texas launch pad in footage taken monday by nasa space flight a media outlet unrelated to the space agency

Last year space x also won nasa 3 million dollars contract to use starship for the space agency plans to return astronauts to the lunar surface for the first time in 5 decade

Musk explains what he thinks was wrong during an engine test in a monday tweet cryogenic fuels are an added challenge

Musk said explosion in a partially oxygenated atmosphere like earth more later basically the fuel chosen for the rocket has a higher risk of fire when mixed

The starship consists two parts a large bullet shaped space craft meant to accommodate dozens of people or satellites

Several high altitude tests ended in explosions as the test rocket fell back to ground