Fans demand an apology from disney after Johnny Depp plays Jack Sparrow.

Yesterday, a video of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow appeared on Twitter. This photo comes from a Disneyland Paris light show.

The short glimpse of Depp as Sparrow on the theme park castle sparked anticipation about his return.

Fans were unhappy that Disney used his image after he was cleared of wrongdoing.

Twitter users want media coverage. It's unusual that Disney would use Johnny Depp's image as Captain Jack Sparrow so quickly after he won his lawsuit, but they haven't remarked on his backing. 

They removed him from Pirates reboot talks but offered no help. Fans are demanding apologies.

The tweeter is right. The actor's identity was dragged online and he lost two franchises.

Disney should support Johnny Depp after promoting him as Captain Jack Sparrow.