Fewer users trade in workforce 0f Robinhood its decrease 23% 

As crashing cryptocurrency costs and a turbulent stock market keep more customers off its trading app .Robenhood markets said Tuesday it’s cutting nearly a quarter of its workforce .

Whose easy- to-use app helped bring a new generation of investors to the market said by CEO Vlad Tenev its reduced headcount by about 23% 

following another round of layoffs announced about 780 jobs which cut 9% of its workforce “did not go far enough  . 

BYthe Federal reserve in 40 years and sharp hikes  in interest rates .Kinds  of financial markets popular among customers Bitcoin has fallen to roughly $23,000 from its record of neariy $69,000 with prices 

dropped more than 20% from record to put S&P 500 in what’s called a bear market. 

When its customers are trading  a lot, tumult means Robinhood saw its number of monthly average users drop 

In fromMenlo Park  California monthly active users in June were down from 15.9 million three months earlier 21.3 million in last year’s second quarter.