For widows on Facebook, updating relationship status is problematic 



By sandhya

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Rebecca Kasten Higgins lost her husband in a car accident in 2018 just days before their 20th anniversary.

After She kept her relationship status as "married" on Facebook for 3 years. 

Then she started dating someone.

"When I first changed my status from 'widowed' to 'in a relationship,' I cried," Higgins, 42, told CNN Business.

Because Facebook only allowed one relationship to be listed at a time, she said she had to delete her previous relationship status with her husband, Greg, to make room for the new one.

But on Facebook, these changes come with additional complications as there are a limited number of relationship status options available.

And changes to this status affect whether the marriage is represented on the deceased's Facebook memorial pages.

Memorial pages allow friends and family members a space to share posts about the deceased.

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