German gym tycoon Rainer Schaller



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CEO Rainer Schaller owns 200 McFit gym locations in Germany with 1.4 million members 

Authorities in Costa Rica reported that a small plane carrying five German nationals, including the CEO of Jim Chain McFitt, disappeared off the coast Friday night.

The Ministry of Public Safety confirmed on Saturday that the Coast Guard had rescued debris from the plane.

McFit founder and CEO Rainer Schoeller was one of five passengers on the plane 

It was heading to the eastern part of Costa Rica when it went missing. 

His partner Christian Sikorski and their children were the other passengers on the plane, the German newspaper Bild reported 

"At this time we have not identified any persons alive or deceased," Martin Arias, director of the Nation's Coast Guard Service, said at a press conference.

Costa Rican media outlet Telediario reported that the body of a child was found later Saturday

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