Google's new Street View camera is more portable (and it looks kind of cute).

Google Street View cars, which launched in five US cities in 2007, have circled the globe since 2007 

taking more than 10 million miles of pictures that have been stitched together to create a visual map of most of the world.

Although these cameras have allowed Google to capture a lot of far-flung places, they tend to be bulky, heavy, and require a lot of computing power 

Google announced Tuesday a new Street View camera that it hopes will make it easier to snap pictures of the world 

especially in remote locations like islands and mountaintops. With a weight of 15 pounds 

the camera can be customized with different sensors like lidar as needed 

and it can be easily attached to a car's roof rack without having to modify the car 

It is equipped with seven cameras, each with a 20-megapixel sensor, so 140-megapixel panoramic images can be taken.