Greg Hardy is excited to return to the UFC after learning how to wrestle.

Greg Hardy has not given up on his UFC ambitions.

Hardy left the UFC after fighting out his contract in 2021 and has since signed for his professional boxing debut in October as well as a deal with BKFC.

The former NFL star's UFC exit was amicable, and Hardy (7-5 MMA, 4-5 UFC) expects to return to the octagon after he's refined his talents.

"The best organisation I've ever been a part of, not even second to the NFL," Hardy told Chris Van Vliet in an interview. 

"They contacted me; my contract had already expired, so we knew it was up." They called and said, "If you get some wrestling going in another promotion, we'd be happy to sign you back."

I enjoy having you and value your presence.' And I emailed them my gratitude and love, then went hunting for a place to throw these hands and found BFKC.

It was a really good parting, and I want to return one day and put on a show for you guys, maybe body slamming someone for three rounds when I learn some wrestling."