'Hot Seat' is a hot-headed cop starring Sam Asghari

The action thriller "Hot Seat" has been a smoldering topic in the pop culture world,

Although it features Oscar-winning Mel Gibson, Kevin Dillon and Shannen Doherty, it isn't for the veteran actors that make up the cast.

Asghari, Britney Spears' longtime boyfriend, played a breakout role in the film.

. The movie "Hot Seat" (in theaters and on demand now) focuses on a bomb under a computer hacker's office chair.

The explosive action of "Hot Seat" and that incendiary office furniture lead to Asghari's role.

Putting Dillon in the role of Orlando Friar, best known as Johnny "Drama" Chase from "Entourage," is a brave casting.

the family man who is secretly the world-renowned hacker known as the Red Knight. 

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