How to Use Marketing GIFs in Your Campaign

Although marketing GIFs don't include sound, they can include captions and text overlays 

so they can communicate any message your business wants to convey.

It is important to understand what differentiates GIFs from videos and why these animated creatives are so effective for marketing. 

Since they typically last only a few seconds, GIFs are ideal for fast-paced social media channels 

Their short length allows them to capture your audience's attention instantly while conveying your brand's message in an effective manner.

You can also share GIFs on social media and beyond. If your marketing GIFs resonate with your audience 

customers and fans may use your creatives and spread your message even further.  

Most social media channels support GIFs, and some even offer GIF search tools.

A GIF is an animated image that can be used to demonstrate a process.