Putin and Zelensky showed an enthusiastic kiss at the Pride Poster

talian street artist shows poster kissing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin Street 

artist Andrea Villa posted a large poster on the side street in Turin on Wednesday,

three days before the Turin March of Pride, on which Putin and Zelensky kiss

TJune 18. The artist had previously hung a statue of Putin as Nazi leader Adolf Hitler to protest the total invasion

. Russia and Ukraine that began on February 24. The new poster shows Putin and Zelenský, 

costumes and propped up by their national flags, covering their lips as they hug, with Putin's arms around them. 

PrideAndLove is at the top of the poster. Villa for Newsweek said

 t the statue was inspired by a mural by Russian artist Dmitry Vrubel My God, help me survive this deadly love, which is found in the rest of the Berlin Wall.