‘I Still Haven’t Made What I Should Have Made’: Omari Hardwick Reveals He Only Made $150K Per ‘Power’ Episode, Says 50 Cent Loaned Him Money Twice While Filming

In a career spanning more than two decades and scores of film and television roles, Omari Hardwick is only now reaping the financial benefits of his career. 

Hardwick, best known for his role as New York nightclub owner and drug kingpin James "Ghost" St. Patrick in the television series "Power," it seems astounding that he was still earning his stripes until recently.

According to Hardwick, his career has been a marathon, compared to Brad Pitt's charisma and leading actor quality. According to Hardwick on “The Pivot” podcast, even though he has played in notable films like “Next Day Air,” 

“The Gridiron Gang” and others, he didn’t feel like he had “made it” until after “Power.” Hardwick’s compensation also reflects similar sentiments.

According to the actor, while he is financially stable, being compensated for his gifts is a work in progress. "I still haven't made what I should," he replied.

Hardwick said, "I still never made the money I should have made. Never." 

Crowder ponders, "All those movies you did make before that ["Power")?". Not even on the back end of projects. Instead, his larger payouts are "happening now, finally." Stunned, Crowder asks, "All those movies you did make before that?" 

Hardwick joked that he had earned only five dollars. The former "Being Mary Jane" love interest added context to how small his payouts had been by revealing he had been helped financially by "Power" executive producer 50 Cent. 

Hardwick, who in the past has said he paid the rapper back with interest, said, “I think he just respects me forever. This isn’t taught in our community.”

I was so proud to give it back to 50 with interest, and it was early. He felt like, "D-n-O, you can't be screwed up. You need money."

The summer after season 1 followed by the summer after season 2. He gave me $20,000 and then $23 [thousand] the next summer — and he absolutely adores J and the kids, he may even like them more than me. In a very straightforward manner, he said, "Take care of your family, bro."