If you can find the second animal in this optical illusion in 20 seconds, you're in the top 1%.

Here's a trick to help you. If you can find the second animal in this tricky optical illusion in less than 20 seconds, you are in a very small group.

Don't worry if you can't find it. There is a helpful trick that will help you see things more clearly.

One animal is on a tree in the black-and-white picture. Can you find the second animal in the picture?

If not, you just have to turn your phone over.

He tells you, "Take a close look at this picture. "Turn your phone upside down if you can't figure out what's going on."

"Am I the only one who saw a BIRD holding a piece of cheese?" asked one viewer.

"I saw a wolf steal a piece of cheese," said another. "A bird with a nose ring and a fox stealing cheese," said another.

"Am I blind? I thought I saw a bird holding a cheese," said another. "It's a fox holding cheese and then a bird eating cheese," someone said.