The estimated Mega Millions jackpot has hit $790 million, making it the third-largest payout in the lottery board's 20-year history. 

By the time of the July 26th drawing, the jackpot will probably have surpassed this sum. 

Few players in the 45 states plus Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands know how they'd defend themselves 

if they actually won as they pick their numbers and daydream about their possibilities of winning.

Resources are provided for lottery aspirants from financial professionals. 

Here are some things lottery winners should take to protect their personal information and their money, according to lottery boards,  

insurance firms, and private wealth management. Whether they have won or not, lottery players should be on the lookout for frauds.

According to Mega Millions, some con artists pose as lottery staff in order to defraud people out of their money.